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COSA - "Coastal Sands as Biocatalytical Filters"

Permeable sands cover approximately 70% of the shelf area, and through their resources in fishing grounds, raw materials, water, oil, gas, and tourist beaches, have high economical value. Coastal sands are exposed to polluted near shore waters, and despite low organic content, can exhibit high mineralization rates similar to those found in organic-rich marine deposits.

Although this has important implications for the functioning of coastal ecosystems, the role of sands in the cycles of matter has not been assessed and is not considered in coastal management concepts.

COSA addresses this problem and is designed to improve sustainable use of coastal sandy sea floors

The project is funded by the "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development" programme under the 5th framework programme of the European Community for research, technological development and demonstration activities.

It is part of the EU Project Cluster on "European Land-Ocean Interaction Studies" (ELOISE), the European input to the international "International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme" (IGBP) core project "Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone" (LOICZ).


EC Numbers: EVK3-2001-00183, EVK3-CT-2002-00076